2nd China-Malaysia Science & Technology Innovation Summit – Fostering Collaborative Innovation, Building the Future Together.

The 2nd China-Malaysia Science & Technology Innovation Summit was successfully held in Kuala Lumpur on 7 March 2024. This forum brought many industry leaders and innovative entrepreneurs together to discuss the future direction of the technology industry and reviewed the successful experiences of China and Malaysia in cultivating international technology industries. During the Science and […]

爱凤环 l 这份外卖垃圾分类攻略收好

垃圾勤分类 循环不浪费 外卖垃圾分类指南 想喝奶茶不想出门 点个外卖吧! 不想做饭 点个外卖吧! 下大雨了不想淋湿 点个外卖吧! 无聊什么都不想做 []~( ̄▽ ̄)~* 嗯~ 还是点个外卖吧!

iCONNECT – Quantum Leap in Communication Through Hybrid Li-Fi

Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is the new and evolving form of wireless communication, enabling data transmission through the use of  Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps. With speeds surpassing the classic Wi-Fi (with radio waves) that everyone uses, the possibilities are endless with the replacement of visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light waves to enable the future technology […]

爱凤环 l 三月份东关街道垃圾分类宣传活动回顾

为进一步深化生活垃圾分类理念,倡导绿色、低碳、环保的生活方式,在3月份东关街道携手爱凤环环保科技有限公司举办开展了多场垃圾分类宣传活动。 通过宣传活动,助力垃圾分类习惯养成,争做垃圾分类的宣传者和践行者。接下来,爱凤环环保科技有限公司将继续推进垃圾分类工作的常态化宣传,引导全民参与共建,实现垃圾分类源头减量,促进垃圾分类理念遍地开花,为垃圾分类工作贡献力量。


为进一步增强居民对垃圾分类知识的深入了解,培养居民低碳、环保的生活理念,在2月份东关街道携手爱凤环环保科技有限公司举办开展了多场垃圾分类宣传活动。 接下来爱凤环环保科技有限公司会采取多种形式宣传垃圾分类、爱护身边环境等活动,向更多人传递环保信息,引导居民群众加入到垃圾分类、保护环境的行列中来。

Aifenghuan Group’s intelligent recycling leads the new development

 CBD Global Investment Liaison Station – Hong Kong Branch, as the first CBD overseas investment station, Beijing CBD International Investment Service Co., Ltd. has been operating for two years. It has provided all-round services from enterprise registration and landing services to attracting enterprises, intelligence and talent. It has established an international reputation Play an active […]

iCYCLE Global Revamp 2023

Showcase video We proudly present the culmination of our annual efforts, highlighting achievements and enhanced services. This showcase reflects our commitment to continuous improvement, and we invite you to explore the latest advancements and offerings that make our services stand out. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards excellence