Kohijau-iCycle’s 39th Bin Installed At Tasek Nova Gated Community.

Tasek Nova, Tasek, Ipoh has become the first gated and guarded community to use Kohijau – iCycle reward point system and the 39th station to launch their Collection Bin.

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Present for the launch were Councilor Aldrich Low, Kohijau – iCycle Chairman Associate Prof Dr Richard Ng and Mr Tang Yue Hong of Tasek Nova.

According to Prof Ng since its inception a year ago the NGO has collected 27 tons or recyclable waste which otherwise would have gone to the Papan Landfill.

“To date we have 20000 member. Of that number only 10% are active users of our recycle program.

Imagine the volume of waste we can recycle and prevent from going into to the landfill if all the members participate” said Prof Ng.

To participate in the program residents have to register with Kohijau – iCycle to receive an account number and bar-code stickers. Residents will pack their recyclables in plastic bags, place their bar-code sticker on the bag and dispose the bag at the iCycle recycle bin.

iCycle will collect the recyclables and credit the points to their personal account which can then be converted to cash or exchanged for Tesco coupons or donated to charity.

KOHIJAU – iCycle is a cooperative society set up by members of Ipoh City Watch (ICW), an established NGO whose vision is to help make Ipoh the most livable city in Malaysia. It aims to promote recycling as part of our culture to create a sustainable environment through social enterprise.


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