Many still disposing waste improperly in recycling bins


DESPITE the presence of bins meant for discarding recyclable items, how many people actually take the effort to figure out what sort of waste should go into which bin.

Some people simply cannot be bothered, and on top of that, they also throw food into recycling bins.

Thankfully there are still people who are concerned about the environment, and they do make an effort to play a role in ensuring their recycling habits go a long way.

A shining example of this is Nur Hidayah Saleh, 33, a housewife, and mother of two.

Nur Hidayah said when she was a little girl she used to observe her father turning unused plastic bottles into flowerpots.

She learnt more about recycling over the years and as an adult started using empty cooking oil containers as flowerpots at her house.

“I was taught from an early age by my father to separate waste, and today I make sure bottles, cans, plastic, papers and glass are separated in different bags.

“The skin that I peel from fruits, I use as fertiliser, and I am happy that my four-year-old daughter is also beginning to understand about waste separation,” she added.

Nur Athirah Baharin, 28, said she started understanding the importance of waste separation and recycling thanks to her mother-in-law.

She said her mother-in-law, a retired science teacher, has been practising waste separation since she was young.

“Prior to getting married, I used to throw all sorts of rubbish together.

“But now I understand the importance of waste separation, and the benefits of recycling,” she said, adding that the process is simple and cleaner as well.

For 64-year-old Mohd Ismail Sutan, the sight of rubbish strewn all over the place was unbearable.

He feels strongly that it is the responsibility of the public to keep the environment clean.

“Don’t expect others to pick up your rubbish. Do you go around littering your own house or its surroundings?

“Items such as plastic bags can take hundreds or even thousands of years to degrade, so why not start the habit of recycling to save Mother Nature,” he said.

Mohd Ismail, who works as a cleaner at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Recreational Park (Polo Ground), said every day he saw the park littered with plastic bags, sweet wrappers, tissue, and polystyrene containers.

“I diligently pick up the rubbish daily, hoping one day people will realise that there are rubbish bins provided at the park for them to discard the unwanted items,” he added.

Mohd Ismail said back home, he practised waste separation, and sometimes handed out bags filled with recyclable items to poor children near his neighbourhood for them to sell and make some money.

However, he first explains to the children the importance of waste separation, and the benefits of recycling.

“I am known for advising people around my neighbourhood to recycle as I want to play my part to see a clearer and greener environment,” he added.

Housewife Kashmin Kaur, 30, said she has two bins in her kitchen, one that was meant for recycling items and another for rubbish.

She said, every other week she puts the recycling bin out for collection.

“All my milk bottles are rinsed and the caps removed, the cardboard boxes and egg containers are flattened,” she added.

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