Plugging at Desa Jaya

15 February 2020 – As a part of environment preservation and to encourage Desa Jaya Community involvement in recycling activities, MPS Zon 24 Member Council led Mr Fok Wai Mun by have taken an initiative to organize this plugging events with collaboration of iCYCLE, Team Selangor and student’s from Malaysian University of Science and Technology (MUST).

The objective of the program is to expose the Desa Jaya Community with plugging; a new fitness trends which is fun walks to pick up trash around the neighborhood. As early as 8.30 am, the event starts with Zumba exercise followed by talk from Idayu about recycling awareness and introduction of iCYCLE system before all participants begin plugging.

Working in groups, the participants manage to collect vast amount of trash around the neighborhood. All the trash later, being through waste audit to sort clean and dry trash to be send for recycle center.

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