Points and Redemption

1. What is Recycling Points (RP)

  • The points you earn after registering and recycling with iCYCLE.
  • The Recycling point (RP) will take one (1) to two (2) weeks to be updated based on the frequency of the pickup collection at different places or points.
  • If your points are not updated within this time period, please do inform us as we are working on expediting this process.

2. How do I make sure the points allocated are accurate

  • The recycling points (RP) are varies which depends on type of recyclables and their weight. The RPs are mainly based on a multiplier table attached below:
  • Do note that not all items have a recycle point (RP)

3. Where can I check my Recycling Point (RP) and how can I see my detailed collection of recyclables for the last few year?

  • If you are login via web, you may go to your profile under info to view your summary points. You may also click details of summary points to view your recycling transaction as below:
  • If you are login via App, you may click on the menu button on the left and your balanced RP will appear. For details recycling transaction, you may click on Get Report from the menu button. Please refer to pictures below:

4. Why is there no RP under my barcode?

  • Your barcode might not be registered yet during the collection of your recyclables, the RP will still be registered under your account. Please link your barcode to your account or you may contact us at 011-11479249.

5. What can I redeem with my RP?

  • After you logged in, click on the ‘Redemption’, and you will be able to redeem cash money, Boost cash, shopping voucher (from Aeon and Tesco) and also our own iCYCLE product voucher. Please refer to the video below of step by step to redeem:

6. What are the minimum Recycling points (RP) to redeem?

  • The minimum RP to redeem is varies based on the type of redemption as follows:
    • Cash redemption: 400 RP
    • Boost cash redemption: any values
    • Shopping voucher (AEON &Tesco) redemption: 300 RP and 500 RP
    • iCYCYLE voucher redemption: 84 RP and 167 RP

7. Could my RP be wrongfully used by other people to redeem things?

  • RPs are linked uniquely to your account and redemption using the RPs in your account can only be performed when you are logged in to your account.

8. What if I would like the amount of my RP to be kept secret because I do not want others to know my recycling behaviour?

  • All RPs are only shown to the account holders when they login to the Phinonics system, and all communications of RP from different entities within the iCYCLE ecosystem are performed via standard encryption.

9. I would like to automatically donate all my points (RP) to a charity account. How should I do it?

  • Excellent choice!!! You can redeem cash value and fill up your desired donation banking information

10. What if the awarded points do not tally with my recycled items?

  • Users may contact us at info@icycle-global.com or +6011-11479249 for dispute resolution.

11. How much is 1 RP worth?

  • 1 RP is equal to 0.05 cents for all redemption type (cash, Boost cash and shopping voucher). However, for iCYCLE Voucher, 1 RP is equal to 0.06 cents.