Return Point Redemption


To qualify and participate in this Campaign, Participants must adhere to the following

Campaign Requirements:-

  • Must be an existing iCYCLE user, having registered as iCYCLE via our iOWT (previously known as Phinonic) mobile Apps.
  • Request for conversion can be made using iOWT Apps.
  • The earn 10% RP point from total RP Redeem RP will be credited to account within 14 days from points conversion request date.
  • iCYCLE reserve the absolute right, at any time, to verify the validity of transactions and participants.
  • Only User that fulfil the Campaign terms and conditions shall be eligible to receive the 10% RP. Participants that fail to fulfil the Campaign terms and conditions will automatically be disqualified from the Campaign without notice.
  • Participants may be contacted, at any time deemed appropriate by iCYCLE, via email or any other mode of communication deemed appropriate by iCYCLE.
  • iCYCLE voucher worth RM5 & RM10 can be use to redeem at our Reward Store.
  • For cash redemptions, it will be direct bank transfer; minimum RP for redemption is lowered from 400 RP to 200 RP.
  • Subject to a minimum of 84 RP, users may convert their respective RP based on a fixed conversion ratio as outlined below:


84RP – RM5 iCYCLE Voucher

167RP – RM10 iCYCLE Voucher

300RP – RM10 Aeon Voucher

500RP – RM20 Aeon Voucher

500RP – RM20 Tesco Voucher

200RP – Cash Redemption

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