Sustainable Lifestyle: DIY

3 December 2020 – iCYCLE is back with our second webinar with Etiqa on the concept of Sustainable Lifestyle: DIY. The event was also participated by another 3 reputable speakers:

  1. Ms Sonia Chan, CLE Enrichment Centre
  2. Mr Saimiki Ibrahim, a finalist of Anugerah Kejiranan Hijau 2020
  3. Mr Cornelius Ngau, Monash University Australia

iCYCLE was represented by Ms Shafiqah, bringing on the topic of food waste and its upcycling idea; Eco Enzyme. For those who had missed out the session, no worries we got you covered! We will share all the materials needed, so you can make your own eco-enzyme.

Materials needed:

  1. Vegetable scraps/Fruit peels (preferably citrus fruits)
  2. 3 spoon of brown sugar
  3. 150ml plain water
  4. Airtight container


  1. Mix all the ingredients in the container
  2. Ensure that the brown sugar is fully diluted
  3. Keep the airtight container in the room temperature for at least 2 weeks before used

*Open the container once in every 2 days in the first week to let the gas bubble out


To be answering some of the questions:

  1. The jar is not necessarily be glass, you may use any container you have and we would recommend you to reuse the old ‘raya’ cookie jar too!
  2. It is not vermicompost as the materials used and its compositions are different. Vermicompost would need the use of various species of worms.
  3. Dilute the eco-enzyme in the ratio of 1:20 to water and you may use it as spray fertilizer on the plant once every fortnight.
  4. Store the eco-enzyme at room temperature of at least by 2 weeks.

Don’t forget to follow other speakers on their Youtube channel and you can try their cool projects by your own.


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