Aifenghuan Group’s intelligent recycling leads the new development

 CBD Global Investment Liaison Station – Hong Kong Branch, as the first CBD overseas investment station, Beijing CBD International Investment Service Co., Ltd. has been operating for two years. It has provided all-round services from enterprise registration and landing services to attracting enterprises, intelligence and talent. It has established an international reputation Play an active […]

iCYCLE Global Revamp 2023

Showcase video We proudly present the culmination of our annual efforts, highlighting achievements and enhanced services. This showcase reflects our commitment to continuous improvement, and we invite you to explore the latest advancements and offerings that make our services stand out. Thank you for being a part of our journey towards excellence

Garbage sorting fun games

In order to advocate a civilized and healthy lifestyle, create a harmonious living environment, encourage the majority of residents to actively practice garbage classification, and care for the physical and mental health of residents, on the occasion of the Asian Games, on May 19, Cao’e Street Big Triangle Community and Aifeng Huan Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co., Ltd. jointly held a unique combination of garbage classification publicity and fun sports activities.For detailed activity info,you may refer to the following links:

🎊 Winners of Cabaran Kreativiti Video Guna Semula

24 January 2022 – 🎉🎊Congratulations to our winners🎉🎊We would like to thank all participants and congratulate the top three winners of Cabaran Kreativiti Video Guna Semula. First prize : Zarina Zainal ( prize : Mamzar Ammorphic ( prize : Tasneem Ashran ( #MBSAxICYCLE #mondaymiles #iCYCLE #iCYCLER #WasteManagement #Sustainability #SaveThePlanet Previous Next

Blood Donation Campaign

25 April 2021 – A blood donation campaign event has been held at Balai Raya Jalan 19, Desa Jaya, and organized by JKP ZONE 24 MPS. Even though the event was for blood donation, iCYCLE Malaysia cooperated to take the opportunities to open a booth for participants to learn about the system because membership drive […]

Redeem Your Points NOW!

Redeem your points now before its too late! Good day iCYCLERS! We are now reaching the end of the year and we would like to announce that your recycling points (RP) accumulated from the year of 2018 – 2019 will soon be due to expire on 31 December 2021. We would like, therefore to encourage […]

Return Point Redemption

T&C To qualify and participate in this Campaign, Participants must adhere to the following Campaign Requirements:- Must be an existing iCYCLE user, having registered as iCYCLE via our iOWT (previously known as Phinonic) mobile Apps. Request for conversion can be made using iOWT Apps. The earn 10% RP point from total RP Redeem RP will […]