Door to door Denai Alam

9 April 2021 – iCycle Malaysia was represented by several staff members, Mrs. Idayu, Mr. Nelson, Mrs. Sakinah, Mrs. Mimi, Ms. Masitah, and Mr.Toh participated in a community event visit door to door at Denai Alam, Shah Alam. This program collabrated with MBSA to expose the community the alternative way of waste management using iCYCLE system.

The event was started around 9.30am to 2.15pm and conducted at Surau Al-Islah Denai Alam, Jalan Elektron. We aim to give a brief about the iCycle System and membership drive. We wanted to thank to MBSA reprenstative, Mrs. Norfaiza binti Abdul Muin, Mrs. Nur Askin binti Mohd Nawawi, Mrs.Siti Nur Azyan Binti Azhar, Mr. Muhamad Zulfazli bin Mimbar, Mr. Muhamad Zulkefli bin Bahari, Mr. Muhammad Syahmi Bin Aliashak, also to Denai Alam reprensentatives, Mr. Aminullah the Predsident of Denai Alam and Mr. Faudzi and Mrs. Joslyn as the volunteer whose help us run the event successfully especially during the door to door registration among the community. The event show the positive result after 28 members register and 156 house visited.

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In order to advocate a civilized and healthy lifestyle, create a harmonious living environment, encourage the majority of residents to actively practice garbage classification, and care for the physical and mental health of residents, on the occasion of the Asian Games, on May 19, Cao’e Street Big Triangle Community and Aifeng Huan Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co., Ltd. jointly held a unique combination of garbage classification publicity and fun sports activities.For detailed activity info,you may refer to the following links: