Third prize award of “I am in Zhejiang”. Congratulations Ai Fenghuan!!

20 December 2021 - Warm congratulations to Ai Fenghuang's work "my peace of mind" won the third prize of "I am in Zhejiang - 100 foreign friends see Zhejiang" special dedication in the centenary of the founding of the party.

Foreigners in Zhejiang are not only the builders of “Beautiful Zhejiang”, but also its overseas messengers. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. In order to further tell Zhejiang’s stories and convey China’s voice, ZTV WORLD planned and organized a mini-documentary series for foreigners named “I’m in Zhejiang” Series: 100 Foreign Friends’ Impressions of Zhejiang, hosted by the Information Office of Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government.

Through the personal experiences of more than 100 foreigners working, studying and living in Zhejiang, we tell the wonderful stories of their integration and pursuit of dreams in Zhejiang, fully demonstrate the great changes in Zhejiang during the past 100 years since the founding of the CPC, and show the speed and style of Zhejiang. 

It is a great honor to record the work of Dr. Chen Qingxiang, the founder of Ai Fenghuan, "my peace of mind", which won the third prize of "I am in Zhejiang - 100 foreign friends to see Zhejiang" in the centenary of the founding of the party!

"I am in Zhejiang - 100 foreign friends in the 100 years since the founding of the party to see Zhejiang" of "My Peace of Mind"

Chen Xiangqing from Malaysia speaks Chinese fluently. He is the CEO of an environmental technology company in Shaoxing. He said he loves Shaoxing and wants to do something for the city. He also hopes to realize his dream of “zero-waste city” in Shaoxing.

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