Shangyu’s first waste separation robot debuted, and waste separation played as “high-tech”.

30 December 2021

🤖 “What’s your name?”
🤖 “Hello everyone, my name is Xiaohuan.”
🤖 “What kinds of waste are there?”

🤖 “Waste is mainly divided into recyclables, hazardous waste, perishable waste, and other waste…”

On November 4, two new “guests” were welcomed in the Jinguiyuan community of Cao’e street, the waste separation robot supervisor “Xiaohuan” 🤖no. 1 and 🤖no. 2, which caused the community residents and children to watch.
Cute robots not only have a lot of waste separation knowledge, but also can sing, dance, and tell stories. Residents only need to ask questions related to garbage classification to the robot through voice, and the robot will answer the residents and guide the corresponding garbage bins, and promote the waste separation work in the community more scientifically and efficiently through the configured automatic induction and weighing system.

“It was the first time I saw a robot that knew how to sort waste. I was always confused about the types of waste in the past, but this time I was impressed by the interaction with the little robot. Through a question and answer with the robot, the resident Aunt Liu learned a lot about waste separation. This innovative way allows residents to participate in waste separation.
From November 5, the two robots 🤖🤖 will officially take up their posts to supervise and guide the residents of the community to correctly dispose of waste. Next, other communities in Cao’e street will also be promoted.

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