Jom Rakyat Malaysia Kitar Semula Plogathon 2019

17 August 2019 – Our first plogathon event, organized in a collaboration with Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia and Pan Pacific South East Asia Women Association (PPSEAWA). The event titled ‘Jom Rakyat Malaysia Kitar Semula’ was in conjunction of Malaysia Independence Day which is happening on the same month, to encourage Malaysians to be more active in waste separation and recycling. It is surely a fun and memorable experience towards a better future.

Engage us for your community Plogathon. Exercice + Waste collection

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Garbage sorting fun games

In order to advocate a civilized and healthy lifestyle, create a harmonious living environment, encourage the majority of residents to actively practice garbage classification, and care for the physical and mental health of residents, on the occasion of the Asian Games, on May 19, Cao’e Street Big Triangle Community and Aifeng Huan Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co., Ltd. jointly held a unique combination of garbage classification publicity and fun sports activities.For detailed activity info,you may refer to the following links: