Aifenghuan Group’s intelligent recycling leads the new development

 CBD Global Investment Liaison Station – Hong Kong Branch, as the first CBD overseas investment station, Beijing CBD International Investment Service Co., Ltd. has been operating for two years. It has provided all-round services from enterprise registration and landing services to attracting enterprises, intelligence and talent. It has established an international reputation Play an active role in investment promotion and international exchanges. Recommended by the Hong Kong Investment Liaison Station and through several rounds of selection, a total of 6 companies entered the finals of the “2023 Chaoyang ITEC Talent Competition”, and 1 company served as a judge of the competition. In this special issue, let’s get to know the company Aifenghuan Group.

Intelligent recycling leads new development of environmental protection industry

As global environmental problems become increasingly serious, environmental protection has become a hot topic in today’s society. 
Among them, garbage disposal is even more related to our daily life and future sustainable development. 
Traditional garbage disposal methods can no longer meet the needs of modern society. As an emerging technology, smart garbage recycling uses advanced technical means to achieve garbage classification, reduction, and resource utilization. It is gradually becoming a research hotspot in the field of environmental protection and is in order to solve environmental problems. Provides new ideas and solutions.
      Aifenghuan Group was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Singapore. It has a R&D team of more than 90 people from 18 countries around the world. Its patent registration and market cover Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China and other Asian countries and regions. . 
In 2019, Aifenghuan settled in Shangyu e-touring town in Shaoxing. It is mainly responsible for the development of garbage classification intelligent management system (Aihuan APP), optical communications, big data and games, etc.
      The founder of the company, Dr. Chen Qingxiang, is a cooperative member of the United Nations Technology and Innovation Agency, a Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and an associate professor at the Multimedia University of Malaysia. 
Focusing on green office multi-module and energy-saving emission reduction communication and lighting systems, in which wireless technology using visible light communication integrates lighting and communication functions while reducing energy consumption. This internationally recognized technology not only helps to classify the carbon dioxide of waste The inclusion of emissions in global carbon emissions calculations also provides solutions to network communication systems and energy consumption issues for the future international carbon trading system.

As the core product of Aifenghuan Company, the Ai Loop System has created a double-reduction and double-carbon sanitation system, aiming to achieve waste reduction, harmlessness and resource utilization through intelligent waste management technology. 
By providing smart and sustainable solutions to solve the world’s growing waste problem. 
This management system has been recognized by many international organizations such as the United Nations Environment Agency and the United Nations Bureau of Technology and Innovation, and has won multiple international awards.
      Up to now, Aifenghuan has served more than 250,000 residents in Greater China, with an annual performance growth rate of more than 60%. 
In the cities where the company operates, the environment and pollution have been significantly improved.

In the next step, CBD International Investment Promotion Company will actively conduct in-depth exchanges with emerging outstanding enterprises in the environmental protection industry, with the goal of creating a “green sunrise, ecological sunrise, and livable sunrise” to help the high-quality development of environmental protection work in Chaoyang District and even Beijing. We are committed to creating a cleaner and greener Chaoyang District and contributing to building a beautiful ecological environment and sustainable development.

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