1. Where do I find iCYCLE bins and how do I verify if a bin is an authentic iCYCLE bin?

  • You may visit our web or refer to our apps at “where to drop” (Web) or “bin locations” (App). You may drop at the bin nearest to you.
  • Our iCYCLE website gives detailed descriptions and photos of the real iCYCLE bins at different locations. Please refer to this link

2. There is no iCYCLE bins nearby my area, what should I do?

  • We are in midst of adding bins across other places. We advise you drop in any nearby bins.

3. How do we ensure that whatever bags we drop into the iCYCLE bin are safe from being removed illegally?

  • The latest iCYCLE bins are designed with a one-way push-in mechanism such that the bags once dropped cannot be removed through the drop window, thus only authorized iCYCLE staff are able to empty the bins of the bags therein.

4. How to verify if a collector is genuine?

  • Our collectors are assigned to collect at bins with company tag.

5. I did not find any QR code on the bin, what should I do?

  • Launch the IOWT app, go to “REQUEST”, click “iDROP”, and click on the “press here” message on the screen.
  • In the case of bins with no QR code, please help to inform us via 011-11479249.

6. Does iCYCLE buy insurance to your bin, just in case there are injury or damages due to the bin?

  • iCYCLE at the moment does not buy insurance to cover for any damage to the bin or to the users. Please use the bin with care as the terms and conditions of iCYCLE user signup has disclaimed the responsibility if the users agree to use our service.