Penang to issue compounds for not segregating waste from Sept 1

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GEORGE TOWN: From Sept 1, local councils in Penang will start imposing a RM250 compound on households which do not segregate their waste.

State local government committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow said although the law came into effect on June 1, local councils have only been issuing notices to those who failed to segregate their waste.

“Beginning Sept 1, compounds will be issued to those who fail to comply with the law.

“The councils have issued about 2,000 notices since June, urging people to segregate their waste,” Chow told a press conference after attending the second awareness campaign for purchasers of Ramah Pavillion at Komtar on Saturday.

Under the waste segregation policy, residents of landed properties have to place separate recyclables such as paper, plastics, glass and aluminium containers from organic waste for collection.

Chow said for strata-titled properties, the duty falls on the joint management bodies (JMB) or management corporations (MC) to put up posters or banners to raise the awareness of the residents on the waste segregation policy.

“The JMB or MC must also create a space for residents to drop off their recyclable materials and to arrange pick up with recycling companies.

“The JMB or MC will be compounded if they fail to comply with the three requirements,” he added.

It was reported that those who fail to separate their waste face fines of RM250 per offence. Persistent offenders will be taken to court, where a fine of up to RM2,000, a year’s jail or both, await them.

was cited: thestar Online

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