Many still disposing waste improperly in recycling bins

  DESPITE the presence of bins meant for discarding recyclable items, how many people actually take the effort to figure out what sort of waste should go into which bin. Some people simply cannot be bothered, and on top of that, they also throw food into recycling bins. Thankfully there are still people who are […]

We are at Publika for today (19th Aug) and tomorrow (20th Aug) at @Green Future Malaysia, The Cooler Lumpur Festival & Art For Grabs Come to say hi and meet our lovable crew and iCYCLE have a lot to share with you about our Reward Based Recycling System. Also get FREE GIFT!!  

Our team in Melaka to promote recycling

In Melaka, our hardworking and enthusiastic team were also on hand at Karnival Kreatif & Sains4u MOSTI to promote recycling. Together, we can create a better future by recycling and managing our own waste properly.  

Reported in Nanyang Siang Pau today on our recycling reward point system launched at Loyal Garden Residence, making it the first condo in Perak to do so. Also reported on KOHIJAU-ICYCLE System going international including India, China, Philippines and Bangladesh.