Our Milestone

Our Milestone

9月 2020

Terra Phoenix service scale to townships and rural areas, building sustainable and replicable model.

8月 2020

Success Story publicised at Zhejiang TV Education Technology Channel (浙江电视台教育科技频道)

7月 2020

XinLong Town improve ranking after implement iCYCLE system

After 3 months of improvement and optimization of the implementation program, Xin Long Town in the HuangPu District assessment results from below-average ranking progress to superior ranking.

iCYCLE help the villages in XinLong Town to establish a mature institutional mechanism to strengthen the participation rate , data collection accuracy, facilities in place, law enforcement in place and reward clearly.

6月 2020

Secured the first waste management service contract at BaiGuan Street, ShangYu District, ShaoXing City.

The signed service contract includes 5 communities

6月 2020

First Community Pilot Project launched at Hong Kong, alias with Swire Coca Cola Group, Hong Kong.

2月 2020

Nouveau Award 2019

6th February 2020 marks another successful milestone as iCYCLE Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. has been listed as one of the five receipients of Nouveau Award 2019 in conjuction of the GBS Iskandar Awards Dinner held in Fraser Place Puteri Harbour, Johor last night.

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1月 2020

Secured the first waste management service contract at Huang Pu District.

The signed service contract at Jiu Fo Street, Huang Pu District, GuangZhou City. includes a model community and a boutique village with a specialty.

11月 2019

UNEP SEA of Solutions

iCYCLE is pleased to announce that we contributed to the “Full Circle: Accelerating the circular economy for post-consumer PET bottles in Southeast Asia” at the UNEP SEA of Solutions week in Bangkok. copy and paste https://www.gacircular.com/full-circle/ for full report.

9月 2019

Launching of ALDO & iCYCLE Campaign

ALDO Malaysia launches their first ever sustainable line made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and plant-based algae biomass foam. Embarking into this big step in sustainability journey, ALDO Malaysia is partnering with iCYCLE on a sustainable initiative via their recycling campaign in-stores. Customers who recycle empty plastic bottles with ALDO at their participating stores will enjoy instant rebate of RM80 applicable for the purchase of any sustainable sneakers.

8月 2019

Finding Simorgh

A launching of “Finding Simorgh”, a brand of iCYCLE’s very own mobile game and comic series.