Our Milestone

Our Milestone

7月 2019

Enforce rules on waste separation

Starting from 1st August 2019,The Ministry to enforce rules on waste separation on All industries, commercial organisations and institutions to separate their waste beginning or risk a fine. iCYCLE Malaysia Sdn Bhd is licensed waste management company. Avoid being FINED..

1. 3R in Building

2. 3R Bins

3. Licensed Collector

4. Data to comply to KPKT requirements

7月 2019

Pilot Project at HuangPu District, GuangZhou City

Through the partnership with Jie Xun Environmental Technology Limited, iCYCLE Environmental Technology Limited successfully launched the Pilot Project at Yu Zhang Yuan Community, HuangPu District, GuangZhou City.

7月 2019

Collaboration with JieXun

Partnership with Jie Xun Environmental Technology Limited to implement smart waste management in HuangPu District, GuangZhou City, China.

5月 2019

Partnership with Smart City Management Cyberview

A new milestone for iCYCLE! A Partnership with Smart City Management Cyberview to implement city wide smart waste management.

1月 2019

collaborating with UNTIL

iCYCLE Malaysia Sdn Bhd has achieved another milestone by collaborating with United Nation Technology Lab (UNTIL). We have a pilot test in various location around the world . This will be the main stepping stone for iCYCLE to introduce themselves globally.

12月 2018

iCYCLE formally establish in ShaoXing City, CHINA,

Through the qualification of high-tech new technology and overseas talent development projects, iCYCLE ShaoXing Environmental Information Technology Limited successfully establish in e-game town of Shangyu District, ShaoXing City, ZheJiang Province, China and qualified for town’s policy support and subsidies.

12月 2018

Important announcement : Our iCYCLE Putrajaya warehouse is officially closed and we have shifted to a new location !

11月 2018

Dr CS Tan (CEO) from iCYCLE and the TTDI community members officiating the TTDI Zero Waste Launching Phase 2.



10月 2018

Dr CS Tan (CEO) and Ms.Idayu (Marketing Manager) from iCYCLE interviewed on the “Selamat Pagi Malaysia” show. Focusing on the concept of “Reuse to Marketplace”.


10月 2018

Collaboration between volunteers from iCYCLE Malaysia and Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) successfully collected rubbish worth of 480kg as part of the ocean clean up program at Taman Laut Sultan Iskandar